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Мощь и надежность. Борьба за Иксалан. Лимитед

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На неделе переведу на русский. Тиммейт решил излить мысли. 

Power and Consistency. Rivals of Ixalan Limited.

(Valentin Soloviev, Team BoatBrew, One Pro Tour. Several money Grand Prix finishes.
Born in St.-Petersburg, grew up and lives in Finland)
"This was the first Prerelease I played after returning to MtG after a break and I noticed one interesting thing, and it intrigued me so much that I just wanted to put my thoughts on paper. More experienced players tend to do this on instinct, while it's one of the bigger things that beginners struggle with. In fact it might be said that doing this on an instinctual level is one of the hallmarks of graduating from "beginner" status as a limited player.
So what is that mystical "this" that I am talking about? It's a decision of when to sacrifice power for consistency and vice versa. When I build limited decks and discuss strategies, it kinda comes off naturally. When you have played for a few years it becomes easy to see "this pool is bad, so my only option is to splash additional colour for more power" or "I have colour fixing and I have bombs, but if I cut the third colour, the deck will be much smoother". This applies more to sealed than to draft, but similar considerations will apply in draft as well (although not as noticeably). Yet, I have rarely seen this topic covered."
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