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  1. hi, yes i still need all, of course nedd about price

    best regards


  2. Hi there, just came across this post and would like to know - are ther cards from this llists still needed, or is there +/- any positions. If you verify the list I'll scour through some cards to see what I have available and get back to you with the list of what I have. I have a Paypal too, so no problems here.

    4x coralhelm commander

    4x lord of atlantis (time spiral)


  3. hello, or s.peterburg or moscow,if i ll stay manymany i ll try other city, but now i must wait , probably about april, because i m back in italy from holiday jus 2 days ago in this time i try to see trade area
  4. priviet thank you very much,to everybody very kind i try to translate many topci about strategy, and wait some months and when i ll speak little better language, ill arrive there, i d like take some magic russian, there are shop or good big trader with many magic to trade? thank you so much
  5. hello, i m new user i m alessandro from italy, i study russian and i stayed some weeks in russia and some months in ukrain i m legacy player , i search about russian forum and i find this forum with help of deck ceck, my decks now are italian zoo jace control i wait some months and when i finish my russian school language i ll be in russian for long trip(and of course i ll take my magic ) there many shops ther for play legacy, for tournamente or for fun of course i m sorry if no good write about me, in this section poka poka
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