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Tokens of Spirit - Кикстартер от Терезы Нильсен и Original Magic Art

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Что общего между токенами Терезы Нильсон и пенсионным накоплениями россиян? И то, и другое постоянно переносят

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Happy Holidays from the Tokens of Spirit Team!

We had hoped (and planned) to have rewards well on the way by now, but, sadly, that was not in the cards.

Here is where we stand by Item Type:

Prints - Production Complete and the prints are at the fulfillment center.  We tried to get the print only orders out before the holidays, but the timing didn't work out with the work they already had in progress.  I am working with them to get these orders out asap.

Playmats - We received the final proof of the Dragon playmat and it's great.  It took four iterations, but we're finally happy with the colors and brightness of the mat.  We've sent final approval to Inked to begin production of the Dragon mat.

The last progress report I received from Inked had us at ~50% complete with production, which was not as far as I had expected.  Typically, Inked is super fast, but the delays pushed our order into Black Friday, which slowed everything down.  I requested a production update when I sent in the Dragon mat approval, so we should know where we stand soon.

Tokens - There has been a lot of positive movement in this arena, but we are still working on updates based on the first round of proofs.

The final production run of the tokens will be done on an offset printer that prints each element of the card separately.  This requires a lot of setup and prep that takes time and costs money, like a surprisingly large amount of it.  So, the proofs are done with a digital printer, which prints everything at once.

For the non-foil cards, they sent us the tokens on a sheet of paper.  Mainly for color corrections.  The stock is a standard multi-core stock (Only Magic can use a blue core through Cartamundi, so ours will be black), so the color profile is also fairly standard.

We ran into some very slight color and tone issues, and Vianki is already working on optimizing the art and design for their printers.

The foils... the foils are a much more interesting story.

So, in case you didn't know, foil stock is a much different animal than normal card stock.  It turns out, if you try to print production-quality foil card stock through a digital printer, it LIGHTS ON FIRE!  

Luckily, they already knew this, likely after a very interesting experiment performed in the past, so the proofs we received were on a more basic, uncoated foil card stock.  They were not what we were expecting, and, thankfully, not what we will be used for the final product. 

Speaking of the final product, I had a good conversation with my contact at Cartamundi and secured the same type of laminated, holographic foil card stock used by Wizards of the Coast.  Several of you noticed that the foil effect had somewhat of a single metallic note, so now we'll be able to greatly improve on the foil effect for the final production tokens.

Cartamundi should be sending me a sample of the card stock and I'll share that with you once it arrives.  When dealing with card stock, "foil card stock" can apparently mean very many things, so I'm glad that we were able to get exactly what we had in mind for the project.

With the foil stock secured, Vianki talked with the production team to identify the best approaches for the design files and is currently working on updating the tokens to deliver maximum bling.

I know this a rather long winded way of letting you know we are still a while out from production, but I thought it would be good to share some of the lessons we've learned through this process (I especially enjoyed the printers lighting on fire part).  Who doesn't love a good dive into the ins and outs of card stock before the holidays?

The digital rewards (Desktop & Mobile Backgrounds and Kickstarter Badges) are done and I am getting ready to send them out soon.

We're making progress and I know the final product will be worth the wait.  Thanks for sticking with us as we work out all the kinks.


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A belated Happy New Year to you!

In the weeks since the last update, we've made great progress on all fronts:

Digital Rewards

All of the Mobile and Desktop backgrounds have been sent out, as well as the Kickstarter profile badges.  These were sent out to all backers, so you should have received the email earlier today.  Check your spam folders.  If you haven't received them, let me know and I'll send them over to you.

Prints & Playmats

All of the Prints and Playmats are complete and have arrived at the fulfillment center.  We hope to begin fulfillment on the Print and/or Playmat orders this week.  The fulfillment company has the order information and we will finally be getting some rewards out the door at long last.

Their shipping system doesn't integrate with Kickstarter/Backerkit, so tracking information may be a bit delayed, but the rewards will be moving out soon.


After working with the production team, Vianki now has all of the information needed to make the Tokens work perfectly within the printer's systems.  All of the updates have been made and we've submitted the updated (and hopefully final) file to Cartamundi.

Prior to production, Vianki will fly out to Dallas, where the cards will be printed, to review a final proofing run.  Actually having Vianki present for the final proof will allow us to make changes and adjustments on the fly, saving us a ton of time.  

Production of the tokens will take 4 weeks, according to the printer, so, if everything goes to plan, we should have tokens on the way to the fulfillment center in late February / early March.  It may take a few days to arrange everything, but we're in the home stretch.

It's taken a lot longer than we expected, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day.  I'll send an update, hopefully with some pictures from Vianki's Cartamundi adventure, once production is underway.

In addition, Terese and I will be working on our behind the scenes articles, which will be shared as an update here, likely mid way through production.

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А если по простому? Я правильно понял, что они все сделали, и теперь хотят дать бонус за задержку, но не знают какой?

Изменено пользователем Moro

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Они думают, как вознаградить участников за терпение и понимание.

Это должно быть что-то маленькое, чтобы вошло даже в самые мелкие заказы. И это должен быть не токен, чтобы ещё больше не затягивать время на печать токенов.


Here are a few of the options we've come up with so far:

  • Sticker
  • Postcard
  • Greeting Card
  • Bookmark

Whatever it is would exclusive to the project and not produced again.


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1 час назад, Moro сказал:

А если по простому? Я правильно понял, что они все сделали, и теперь хотят дать бонус за задержку, но не знают какой?

Пока она не утвердит финальные образцы, которые ей только что отправили, никакая печать не начнется.

Короче, на апрель переносится.

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Скрытый текст


Предварительный дизайн бонуса (закладки/разделителя)

Изменено пользователем Poison Angel

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